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Sleep Dentistry

Anxious about dental procedures? You may be putting off visiting a dentist even when you need help with a dental problem.

Don't worry. You are not alone this fear. We understand this and at Smile Studio, the comfort of our patients come first. That's why we offer "sleep dentistry" where you undergo sedation performed by a trained dental anaesthetist.

Sleep dentistry is also known as IV sedation, sedation dentistry, twilight sedation etc. It is a popular procedure, especially among nervous clients, for the following reasons:

If you are phobic about needles and the sound of the drill, then sedation dentistry is just the right option for you.

How does sleep dentistry work?

Sleep dentistry typically involves a sedative being administered to you. Some clients prefer oral or inhalation sedation - so those options are available as well. The level of sedation is customisable according your preference.

You will not completely go under because the sedation is light. You will feel relaxed and calm, but will be awake and conscious. If your dentist asks you any questions, you will be able to answer them. After the sedation wears off, the procedure may seem hazy and you will not be able to recall any details.

During the entire procedure, our trained anaesthetist will closely monitor your vitals to ensure that you are safe and comfortable for the whole duration.

If you undergo a dental procedure with sedation, do ensure that you have someone to drive you back home. Also take the day off from work.

Why consider sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is an excellent way to stay completely relaxed and calm during a dental treatment procedure. If you have a generally anxious temperament, or you are for some reason scared of dental clinics, don't let that sabotage your dental health. You now have a reliable option which will help you visit the dentist and undergo any procedure without fear.

You stay completely relaxed and conscious
During the procedure, sleep dentistry allows you to remain conscious and relaxed while completely getting rid of pain and all unpleasant sensations. Your bodily functions will not be affected at all. You will also be able to move normally. It is just that you will be in a state of complete calm and relaxation.

Multiple procedures can be performed
For those who need extensive treatment, sedation is a good way to reduce the number of visits and perform multiple procedures at once. So, you don't need to worry about too many dental visits and the many procedures you have to undergo.

Should you consider sleep dentistry?

Generally speaking, sleep dentistry is an excellent choice for patients who are anxious and nervous about dental procedures, needles, or the dental clinic.

If you are wondering whether sleep dentistry is right for you, talk to us.

You can book an appointment with us by filling the form online. Phone or email are also good options to reach us. Our staff will answer all your queries and set up an appointment if you need one.