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Children's Dentistry

Children have dental treatment needs just as adults do. In fact, during childhood they need specialised dental care suitable for the development and behavioural needs of that age.

Caring for your child's dental hygiene and health should ideally start even before teething. With consistent care over the years, they will grow up to have a healthy set of teeth and great oral hygiene habits.

At Smile Studio, we are fully equipped to provide comprehensive care for the dental needs of children from infancy to their teen years.

Common dental problems in children

The same type of problems that affect adults also affect children. The following are some common problems.

Dental cavities
Children love eating sweet stuff and may not pay proper attention to cleaning their mouth after eating. Food deposits and sweet fizzy drinks contribute to creating cavities.

Teeth grinding
This is a common developmental problem manifested as the child griding his or her teeth during the night. Address this at the earliest because it may cause muscular and dental pain.

Bad breath
Just like adults, children may also suffer from bad breath due to several reasons like lack of oral hygiene, gum diseases, or digestive problems.

Gum diseases
Plaque forming on teeth due to improper hygiene can lead to inflammation of gums.

Orthodontic problems
Misaligned teeth, crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, and other orthodontic issues are common among children. This is the right age to treat these issues and give your child a great looking and healthy smile for life.

Types of child dental care

Depending on the age and nature of dental issues, we provide different types of dental care to children.

First dental visit
Your baby's first dental visit should happen immediately after the first tooth erupts. Do make an appointment before the first birthday. A consultation during this time will help ensure that their teeth are developing properly.

Preventive dental care and sealants
Plan regular consultations for your child for checking the health of their teeth and gums, cleaning, and treating cavities before they become serious.

Sealants are a great option to provide a protective coating over your child's teeth and help them stay decay-free and clean for many years.

Restorative care
If there are any dental issues like cavities or orthodontic problems, we offer restorative procedures like dental fillings, root canal treatment, braces etc.

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Smile Studio provides great children's dentistry services in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We take special care in providing a friendly and non-intimidating atmosphere to put children at ease.
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